Several balance training games

Several balance training games

Several balance training games

The baby finally said goodbye to crawling and relying on others to “support” to walk.

Attentive mothers will find that when the baby starts to walk independently, his little hand is often raised high.

After a while, his little hand will slowly come down, and finally he will be able to walk freely.

This is the baby looking for balance in sustainable little hands.

  The ability to balance is very important for the baby to walk steadily in the future, and to improve coordination and attention. The mother can use the golden time when the baby just walks to strengthen the baby’s balance training.

Although the weather outside is cold, it does not hinder our enthusiasm for training. It is entirely possible to use our familiar things to make our home a baby balance training class.

  Why do you need to balance training for your baby? In the daily life, some babies often have uncoordinated movements. This kind of theory says that they are not stable after turning around in circles, and they will fall all of a sudden: Some babies are afraid to walk on a wooden bridge, fearing height: Some babies even have motion sickness and seasickness.

In fact, these are the results of the development of impaired vestibular balance.

For the baby, the vestibular balance feeling is a very important sense of movement, which is mainly controlled by the brain’s vestibular balance organs.

It mainly measures the individual’s left, right, back, up, down, rotation and other feelings, and tries to keep the body balanced in such an environment.

  The balance training game understands the theoretical importance of training your baby’s balance. Now let’s start the practice of balance at home.

  Game: Big feet and small feet Suitable for age: 13 months Training goal: The baby can control his body freely and stand firmly so that the baby stands on your feet, you grab the baby’s small hand, and then you transform the music slowlyTo dance.

Babies can feel your body and dancing rhythm, and try to maintain balance.

Dad or mom can try to spin from slow to fast, and step on the beat.

  Reminder: This game is suitable for playing in the living room. Parents must keep balance, don’t spin to forgetfulness and fall on the baby.

  Game: Shake, shake, grandma bridge Suitable for age: 15 months Training target: baby can feel left and right shaking Dad and mom spread the sheets on the ground, let the baby crawl in, and then mom and dad lift the sheets from the two and pull them into a hammockLook like you are moving up and down, right and left.

This is to make the baby feel the vibration of up and down, left and right, so as to train his sense of balance in this regard.

  Tips: If your baby is afraid, don’t force it.

Even if the baby is willing to accept it.

It should also be carried out step by step, and the amplitude of shaking should be from small to large.

  Game: Rope dancing Suitable for age: 18 months Training objective: The baby can master the body balance and prepare a skipping rope or clothesline and a small umbrella.

Straighten the rope on the floor, let the baby hold the umbrella, walk over the rope to see if he can walk straight, and the umbrella in his hand will not fall.

  Tips: When the baby is playing with the small umbrella, the parents should aim at the protection beside it, and don’t hurt the eyes.

  Congratulations small test If your baby can successfully complete the above items, then congratulations!

Your baby’s sense of balance develops well.

If your baby can’t complete the project, it doesn’t matter. Keep up your efforts and try to strengthen your baby’s balance!

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