How to become adolescent women with weight loss

How to become adolescent women with weight loss

How to become adolescent women with weight loss

Adolescent weight loss syndrome, also known as “neurological anorexia”, is a unique clinical therapy for adolescent girls.

  The performance is that you only want to be thin, always think that you are too fat, not beautiful, in order to pursue “soybean body shape”, hope to reduce weight by controlling diet.

In the early stage of the disease, he selectively eats food. Afterwards, he refuses to eat. He eats very little daily, gradually loses weight, recovers suddenly, and his body is very weak. In the end, he must rely on infusion to maintain his life.

  This disease can last for a long time and is extremely harmful to the body.

  The causes of this disease are complex and can be roughly divided into two categories: one is primary anorexia, which is mainly caused by emotional conflict; the other is secondary anorexia, which is related to various physical diseases and family problems.Education, the bad stimulus of the environment.

  Parents who are over-loving their children develop the bad habits of their children’s picky and partial eclipse. Once they are stimulated by some unfavorable factors, such as the influence of incorrect aesthetics, they will pursue “thinness and beauty” and refuse to eat.

The girl’s personality with this disease is more introverted, depressed, and manifested as cautious and rigid before the onset.

From a medical point of view, it is extremely undesirable for a thin person to be more worried than to be overjoyed, to over-control his diet, and to pursue thinness.

According to a medical survey in Japan, the lighter the weight, which is 20%-25% less than the average weight, is the risk of death.

  Women who are underweight can cause amenorrhea and infertility.

This patient is also prone to chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

The human body is thin, the subcutaneous feces is less, the cold resistance is poor, the tolerance of the labor is naturally poor, the physical strength is not enough, and a large number of shortcomings are commonplace.

People who are obviously thin, often have reduced resistance and are prone to various infectious diseases.

Treatment of adolescent weight loss, mainly for the cause, the right medicine.

  Psychotherapy is very important, especially those women who hold an incorrect bodybuilding concept, explain to them the physiological science knowledge and the cause of the disease, can accept, and gradually improve the bad eating habits.

Care should be taken for the patient to eat with her and encourage her to eat.

Patients with concurrent suppression should be treated simultaneously for both diseases during treatment.

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