20 loves to encourage your baby to grow smoothly

20 loves to encourage your baby to grow smoothly

20 loves to encourage your baby to grow smoothly

For a person’s life, 0?
3 years old is a stage of learning and exploration. Many things are so fresh and interesting to him, so he wants to try it out, want to see what it is, and because he does n’t understand, he often makes mistakes.I broke my grandpa’s potted plant, broke my grandma’s glasses, threw away her mother’s cosmetics, and stayed by the toilet and said she wanted to fish . In the eyes of adults, these behaviors are absurd, but for babies, they are different.Have some fun, because these are all caused by them.

In the face of the mess caused by your children, you may feel bored and angry, but Dr. Wu Tianyou reminds parents here that this is a growth stage that every child must go through, and no one can avoid it, so it is better to blame and blame the child.Encourage and guide children from a positive perspective.

Encouragements for children: 1.

Children have natural instincts. Don’t think that the child is still young, and you can’t see whether it’s sunny or cold. In fact, people’s instincts and communication skills are inherently in existence.

Maybe the baby can’t speak yet, but he can already sense joy or sorrow through your voice and expression. Like smiley faces and high and fast voices generally represent happy emotions. When the baby realizes the joyful message, he willFeel happy.


Pay attention to diversified expressions. The younger the baby is, the more we encourage him to spread, so that he can receive the greatest degree of sensory acceptance, such as applauding, smiling, hugging, eye contact, saying “you”Awesome” and so on. Combining action and language will be even better, because the baby will feel more encouraging.


Encouragement is from the heart Although encouragement does not require anything extra, please remember that all encouragement and praise must be sincere encouragement from the heart. Blind encouragement is not always positive and positive encouragement., But may cause children to question and distrust adults.

20 loving encouragements to let your baby grow up smoothly Here are 20 wonderful tips that parents can use to encourage your baby. Please adjust flexibly according to the actual situation in specific applications to make your baby happy in an environment of love and encouragement.Grow it.

Meeting basic needs For infants and young children, meeting their basic needs is the most important.

In the early stages of life, give your baby constant and stable love and try to meet all the baby’s physical needs. This will help develop a good parent-child relationship.

Usually, physical needs, such as crying, urination, hunger, etc., can be satisfied immediately as long as you deal with them, while psychological needs take time, similar to emotional satisfaction, the older the baby isSmaller, the stronger the dependence on adults, this requires adults to appear next to the baby without interruption, and to convey such a message to the baby at any time: “Baby, I care about you.

“A hug at any time. When the baby needs to hug, remember to open the stack at any time and hold the baby wholeheartedly.

You know, babies are asking for a hug in search of security, and they want to get an intimate feeling through physical contact with their parents.

Embrace the dual body temperature of communication, and more importantly, invisible emotional communication.

Saying “I love you” aloud, love not only takes time to cultivate and accumulate, but also needs to be expressed by action.

Everyone likes to listen to “I love you”. Although it is only a short 3 words, the power is infinite. Love makes people full of courage and hope. It is best to let your baby understand your love for him.The quickest and most direct way is to say it aloud. The baby is still young, and it is difficult to figure out the adult’s intentions. If you come to “love you in your heart,” he really can’t understand it.

Come, baby, kiss one!

Kissing is an expression of accepting each other, and it is also one of the ways of expressing love. The baby is dressed in pink and tender everywhere, and can be kissed everywhere, a little forehead, cheeks, neck and even the baby’s small belly.When kissing the baby with the sound of “啧啧”, it will make the baby feel more useful. A kiss before going to bed can soothe the baby’s emotions and make the parent-child relationship more harmonious.

Touching the small head Touching the baby’s small head with a warm big hand is a bit of a doting behavior, usually this simple physical action will be accompanied by the language, so the father can stroke the baby’s head and say, “Well done!

“When the baby is emotionally depressed, touching his head also carries a sense of comfort that” silence is better than sound “, and the baby can definitely feel it.

When the sweet smile is in close contact with the baby, the sweet smile alone can make the baby feel happy.

When the baby starts to learn to walk, parents remember to use “smile” to encourage him to take the first step bravely, and when he falls, he is soothed and cared for, and when he falls, let him stand up or help himStand up and remember not to overprotect, as this will not help your child develop a strong character.

Beautiful bedside stories Before your baby sleeps, please choose warm, beautiful, and imaginative stories to read to your baby, so that your baby feels warm and loving. This can soothe your baby ‘s emotions and brake quickly and smoothly to sleep.

It is also possible to play music for children, but do not play recordings of storytelling, because the simple recording is far less effective than the expression and voice of a real person.

Encourage and praise. Never, ever, do n’t worry about the baby ‘s inability to understand the intention of praise. Even if he does n’t understand, just from your eyes and expressions, he can feel that it is affirmation to him.

Since the baby was born, parents should know how to praise him in a timely manner.

Being encouraged and praised if the baby did the right thing will stimulate an internal motivation to make the baby perform better in the future. At first, the baby may pay attention to some behaviors because of wanting praise, but after repeated accumulation, these goodThe behavior will be internalized into a habit of the baby, and the behavior will be revealed naturally.

Applause If verbal praise and encouragement are not enough to express your joy, then applaud. Applause is positive body language. When the child is performing well, give applause in time and cooperate with praise.Discourse, some kind of “progress is so fast!

“” Great job!

“Wait a minute, this kind of motivation for children will scale, and children will feel more recognition and pride.

You can also teach your baby and tell him to encourage others in a timely manner.

Magic stickers For babies who love small toys, beautiful stickers have a lot of magic.

Mom and dad can make an appointment with the baby. When the baby is performing well, reward him with a sticker. When the rewarded stickers have accumulated to a certain amount, he can promise the baby a small request. This request must be made in advance.Make an appointment, and it ‘s better not to often use material things as rewards, or even to use real things as rewards, and do n’t give them away easily. You can choose special days for your baby, certain holidays or family birthdays, etc., This is more valuable to create a baby’s excellent reward.

Submit a “good baby” certificate Since the material reward is not suitable for regular use, then take a different approach. How about a “good baby” certificate?

Just take a beautiful big card and a bunch of cute little cartoon patterns. When the baby is doing well, put a cute cartoon smiley on the big card. When the set is filled with N smiley faces, change the hairAnother more chic certificate gives your baby long-term encouragement.
Focus on listening to the baby ‘s words When the baby is talking to you, do n’t think that he is a child and do other things with indifference. This is a manifestation of not knowing the baby. Please pay attention to the baby ‘s speech. Only the baby feelsYou are willing to listen, he will not be interested in speaking anymore. From his conversation, you can learn what he has been thinking about recently, what he likes or dislikes, what fun or troublesome things he has encountered, etc., sometimes it may be trivial, But it means that your baby is willing to share his life with you.
The 5-minute kiss-to-baby talk is too young, the parent-child dialogue time is too long to fully understand, and the baby’s focus time is short, so the parent-child dialogue time is not too long, 5 minutes is enough, it is important to grasp the parent-childWhen to talk, start talking when your baby is willing to talk to you, and devote yourself to your personality.

When the baby is still young, the parents are all about him. He will naturally share everything with you. After the child grows up and has his own life circle, he will no longer be attached to his parents. If you still want to be able toTo maintain a close childhood relationship with your children, please form a good habit of parent-child dialogue from now on.

After eating a delicious breakfast after a long night of sleep, the body’s blood sugar will decrease, and only replenishment will restore vitality. If you go to kindergarten on an empty stomach, it will not only be harmful to your baby’s health, but also affect your baby’s mood and in classIn terms of performance, babies are likely to feel lowered, unable to lift their spirits, and learning efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, no matter how tired you are, please prepare a delicious breakfast for your baby under appropriate circumstances.

Warm haven

Parents should be a warm haven, so that the child has a place to heal when he is injured. Let the child know that as long as he needs, the parent will always be with him so that the child will have the courage to try new things. Don’tI think the child is still young, and do n’t understand what is failure and frustration. We must know that he also has overlapping emotions. Mom and Dad should be his listeners, accommodate all his complaints and complaints, and be angry and unhappy about him.Neither blame nor make fun.

The mood of a small child usually comes and goes quickly. After his mood calms down, there is no major problem.

Improving the baby’s separation concerns allows the child to be aware of his parents’ strong love for him at any time, which will greatly reduce his separation concerns.

Every day when he was sent to kindergarten, he took his little hand, and after that he handed him over to the teacher, so that the baby would have a sense of trust in the teacher. When he left, he would crouch and say goodbye to the baby, and told his parentsGoing to work, he will pick him up in the afternoon to let him know that he will have a happy day in the kindergarten.

After such a long time, the baby will know that the kindergarten is only a temporary place to stay during the day, and the parents will pick him up at regular intervals instead of abandoning him.

Caring and disciplinary encouragement is to guide children to repeat good behaviors, and correction is to stop children’s bad behaviors.

To be a successful parent, you need to know how to use both care and discipline.

You need to know that babies are sometimes unreasonable and cannot be solved by preaching or coaxing alone. Therefore, strict discipline is also essential. Let the child know that the rules to be observed must be maintained, otherwise what will happenThe consequences.

Do n’t worry about scaring your children, as long as you pay attention to the methods and methods of discipline, discipline is also for the sake of children. This is a deeper level of love, and love has no conditions to talk about, and should be accepted in its entirety.

Playing with your baby Playing with your baby is also a way to reward, but what should you play?

Of course, it is best to use educational toys. While playing, you can also develop your baby’s brain potential. In fact, you can use everyday items to make toys. Such buttons can be used to fill beverage bottles.Can learn the concept of classification.

Let the child decide 2
Baby 3 is already a little grown-up. He has his own thoughts and opinions on everything. When his parents always ask him “OK” or “OK”, he usually answers “No” or “No” becauseIn the minds of young children, “negation” must be used to affirm their existence.

After understanding this kind of mentality of the child, we do not prevent the baby from being the master in some small things, what toys to play, what music to listen to, what shoes to wear, etc. In the process, let the baby judge for himself, Decide something, and get a sense of accomplishment from it.

Adults should try to think and solve problems from the psychological perspective of the child, try to figure out what the child thinks, why is he afraid of darkness?

Why are you fighting with other kids?

Have we been afraid of darkness when we were young?

Did we often fight with other children when we were young?

Many seemingly incomprehensible problems, as long as we look at the child ‘s point of view and understand, the child ‘s psychology is like this. After understanding the cause of the matter, we guide with patience and the problem is not resolvedIt’s difficult.

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