Patients with osteoarthritis should avoid certain foods

Patients with osteoarthritis should avoid certain foods

Patients with osteoarthritis should avoid certain foods

(1) Food taboos ① High-grade food: Avoid high-grade food (such as beef, pork fat, etc.) and too much acid, alkali, salty food and synthetic food, pickled food, fried food.

It is better to limit salt to 6 grams per day.

  ②Sweet foods: Avoid or eat less sweet foods, such as cookies, desserts, candies, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

  ③ Stimulant food: avoid or eat less pepper, spinach pepper, and avoid or eat less tomatoes, spinach, amaranth, coriander, eggplant, potatoes, etc., avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks, drink strong tea and coffee, avoid shellsCategory, dried fruits, foods with MSG additives and preservatives.

  It should be mentioned here that for overweight people, weight loss is one of the methods for treating osteoarthritis. Exercise should be moderate, the diet structure should be adjusted, and the diet should be controlled.

They can change the eating habits of three meals a day, use less food and more meals to lose weight, eat before feeling hungry, it can be an apple, a bowl of boiled vegetables, mainly fruits and vegetables.

But weight loss cannot be eager to achieve success, generally to reduce 250 per week?
500 grams is appropriate.

After weight control is in the normal range, you still need to persist for more than half a year.

  (2) A suitable diet ① rich in nutrition: the diet should be nourished in advance, especially to supplement the body’s need for protein, and fish, shrimp, meat, eggs, etc. can be eaten in moderation.

The diet should be light.

More than 250 ml of newborn milk or soy milk per day.

  ② Calcium supplementation: Calcium-rich green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits should be eaten, such as soy products, amaranth, ravioli, canola, lettuce, celery, carrots, greens, pumpkin, cress, beet, and appropriate lemon, citrus, plum, Apple and other fruits as well as small fish, shrimp skin, kelp, etc.

  ③ Drink plenty of water: drink 500 ml (6?
8 cups) of water.

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