The essential temperament of a middle-class man

The essential temperament of a middle-class man

The essential temperament of a middle-class man

1.The mysterious wise man who listened said that in conversation, lower yourself.

The lower, not the lower three, and the lower four, also use their own patience and their own modesty to create an atmosphere of optional information flow.

  If you pose incompetently, how can others dare to speak freely?

Only by being generous and tolerant can we win each other’s respect from the biggest extra.

  Some angry young people always say “not this, I understand”, “don’t tell me this, don’t like to listen”, “all things are old” . Actually, it is not their ears that are closedAnd it is a door to communication.

Being a good listener is the first step into the middle class. Whether you can get business secrets from other people’s words or hot gossip news is not the most important. The key is to establish your own “listener” temperament, A large group of loyal friends will be uninvited.

  TIPS: Look at each other’s eyes, keep smiling, and nod your head from time to time; don’t yawn; if you are unlucky, it doesn’t matter, immediately quote each other’s last sentence or keywords, and comment slightly vaguely.

A very extensive reading makes you confident as a middle-aged preparatory, ask yourself a question: What will I do besides being professional?

  A Chinese doctoral student studying for a degree in the United States buys a copy of the Washington Post with hundreds of pages. Generally, two-thirds are unreadable.


Not enough words?

No, more than ten thousand new words of GRE are more than enough to deal with this newspaper.

  Answer: Without relevant knowledge, it is impossible to understand.

  In addition to professional knowledge, what else do you know?

History, geography, philosophy, aesthetics, sculpture, photography, sports, cooking . if you can’t confidently pick out a few from it and easily show show, then be careful, you are likely to be drawn in the near futureInto the “functional illiteracy” category, and far more than abandoned in the era of knowledge.

  Tip: In your spare time, let’s have less bubbles, less fun, hurry to the bookstore to buy some books, and make up for it.

Cultivate some of your interests with a purpose, give yourself more sky, and make your life more colorful.

Communicating with all people is an overwhelming number of Chinese people who are making arts abroad. Although life is gradually catching up with the middle class, they still cannot enter the core social circle around them.

So, they began to use all the available Richards to fail: “They have a prejudice against me”, “their culture is narrow-minded” . and the actual situation is: you do n’t know baseball, you ca n’t join their elated confrontation.The discussion of yesterday’s game; they participated in the charity auction together, but you think it is largely irrelevant to them; they laugh at the stars, at the technology, you are sprayed with mist . the truth is: you abandoned your social circle, youRefuse to change yourself for communication, you refuse to communicate with them.

  The so-called communication actually conveys an emotional signal in the exchange of optional information. To put it more succinctly: you must find the right topic, because that is the window for you and them to understand each other.

To become a successful middle class, you must spend time and gains to hone your communication skills: the guests who visit tomorrow have a special fondness for orchids, then tonight you will bring a bunch of orchid books from the library to make up overnight.
  TIPS: I usually try to figure out the hobbies and habits of the people around me, and practice the communication scenes in my mind in case of emergencies. Moreover, if you learn to deal with one person, you have the ability to deal with all this type of people.

  4.It ‘s very flexible to control the text. Yeah, now there are secretaries, professional documents are all represented by professionals, and people above the manager level are at best signing their names. Even if they write love letters, there is a lot on the Internet.For reference . It is true that writing a good article is no longer an important condition for becoming a rich person, and has even been gradually forgotten by the rich.

However, being able to express your thoughts and emotions appropriately in words is still a necessary condition for a real middle class.

  It is often joked that listening to the report of the leader is the best time to sleep.

Because of the transparency of many high-level, boring and boring, there is no relative taste.

  The manuscript was written on behalf of the secretary. The leader even took a dizzy eye, telling even “pause here, there may be applause.”

  Tip: For a literate middle class, a text-driven speech and an emotional speech can make the whole group full of life, vitality and passion.

  5.Have you repaired the garden today? The middle-class people are not short of money. They have separate garages and gardens. Ca n’t they afford to repair cars and cut grass?

But they would rather spend most of the day on Saturday studying how to repair the engine, and even spend a weekend ralliing friends to paint the path.

  Obviously, this is a temperament, a taste of life.

  Young people eager to enter the middle class often spend too much time in pursuit of money and reputation.

The voice we often hear is: “Are you at the management office, my electric lamp is broken. Can you send someone to see it?”

“The chat between friends is often on the topic of” our property management is very good “, and they want to show how they don’t have to spend all their troubles for small things.
In this seemingly laid-back “saving trouble”, you not only lose the ability to solve the problems in your surroundings, but also miss the opportunity to cultivate your “middle-class” temperament.

  TIPS: You are not required to learn to make a set of wooden furniture yourself, but it is necessary for you to start with “Learn how to build a computer yourself”.

At the very least you can avoid being “rushed to call a network company because you can’t get online, and finally feel uncomfortable because you don’t have a phone line connected to your modem.”
  6.Rigorous style is a kind of temperament. The middle-class is confused about small things and can’t remember the cash in the wallet, but they can always speak out exactly.6.

31%, closing price of 8191 . “In the meticulous” two decimal places “for business and finance (note: not money), the meticulous care of the” section “has formed a unique temperament for the middle classAnd charm, make people have a “look up” awe.

  TIPS: Be sure to focus on areas that can show value, such as stocks or real estate.

Quickly start training your own memory, try to pay attention to and record some important data correctly, in order to leave a rigorous impression on people.

If you do not know how to respect, then you are still poor. Many people become rich, but they do not know how to respect. Then they are still poor, and they are so poor.

  A son drove in a rush, and hit an old woman who collected garbage while reversing, and the garbage bags were scattered all over the place.

He immediately got out of the car, lifted up his old lady, and confirmed that she was not injured, then smiled and rolled up his sleeves to help her pick up the garbage bag on the ground.

Here we use a montage to add a few sunsets to stretch his figure very long . beauty is beautiful because it comes from the collision of extreme contrasts, which makes us feel dazzling, feel comforted, and feel the worldWarm.
  If you change another shot: he jumps out of the car, starts cursing, and holds the unscattered trash in angrily, and finally gets on the car and leaves.

Then he is by no means a middle class, at most he is an upstart.

  Tip: Becoming a qualified middle class is more respectful than the poor.

It is important to know that respect for others is no longer the equivalent of others’ respect for themselves, but a coin code that balances your personality balance.

  8.You also have a well-known story about the national beauty and heavenly fragrance in the vulgar powder: a businessman bought a very rare and noble flower seed from Africa, planted it at home alone, and expected to sell it at a good price in the next year, so he took it for granted.Strictly guarded, afraid that the neighbors would steal it.

After a year, the flowers are not as good as before; after another year, the flowers are even worse.

In the end, a botanist brought in by the businessman solved the mystery: Although this flower is a noble species, it has been living in an environment surrounded by grass and grass for a long time. Due to the intermediates of insects such as bees, the quality has become increasingly mediocre.

The merchants after Dawu distributed the flowers to all the neighbors.

Soon, Minghua recovered its unique temperament, and the businessman and his neighbors became rich.

  Suppose you are such a famous flower, and you are surrounded by non-national and heavenly flowers, but mostly small wild flowers. How do you maintain your noble, reserved and unique style?

  Keep a distance from them, so that their tackiness will not affect you?

  What good things do you find hiding, afraid that others will learn?

  NO, of course not. The behavior itself has already symbolized your ignorance, not to mention that its result can only be that you eventually become as tacky and mediocre as them, just like the noble flowers in the story.

  If whenever you hear their rude words and see their actions in the market, you just laugh aside, secretly despise in your heart, and never disdain to persuade or persuade you to correct them by infecting them with words and deeds, thenYour ears are so dazzled that one day you will be surprised to find out, when have you become a market villain yourself?

  Tip: You should use your strengths to infect the surrounding environment little by little.

Helping everyone move forward is your success.

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