Your mentality determines your success or failure

Your mentality determines your success or failure

Your mentality determines your success or failure

In the process of starting a business, people will encounter difficulties and frustrations at any time, and may even suffer a fatal blow.

At this time, positive and negative attitudes have a significant impact on the success or failure of entrepreneurship.

  Ms. Zheng and Ms. Cui also run the clothing business in the market. When they first entered the market, they were catching up with the worst season of the clothing business. The clothing that came in could not be sold. However, they had to pay daily rent and market management fees.Losing money every day.

At this time, Ms. Zheng was shaken. She paid out the clothing boutique house at the price of 3,000 yuan, and vowed never to do the clothing business again.

Ms. Cui did not think so.

Ms. Cui carefully analyzed the situation at the time and felt that it was normal to lose money. One was that she had just entered the market, had no business experience, and could not catch the customer’s psychology. Of course, she should pay a little tuition. The other was that she was catching up with the clothing off-season.In this season, clothing merchants are not making money, it is just because they can operate and be able to maintain a balance of payments.

Moreover, Ms. Cui is very confident in herself and knows that she is suitable for clothing business.

Sure enough, after a season, Ms. Cui’s clothing store began to make money.

Three years later, she has become a well-known local clothing merchant, with a bonus of 5 million per year.

Ms. Zheng changed her career within three years without success. She was still impoverished and unable to do anything.

  This reminds me of two interesting allegorical stories: In ancient times, there was a king who dreamed that the mountain fell, the water was dried up, and the flowers were thankful, so he asked the queen to interpret the dream for him.

The Queen said: “The general situation is not good.

When the mountain is down, the rivers and mountains will fall; when the water is dry, it means that the people are centrifugal. The king is a boat, the people are water, and the water is dry, and the boat can no longer be used.

“The king was shocked with cold sweats, and became ill since then.

A minister wants to see the king, and the king tells his mind on the sickbed. When the minister hears it, he laughs and says, “It’s great, the mountain fell down and it means peace from now on; the dryness means the emergence of the true dragon, and the king,You are the true dragon emperor; flowers thank you, flowers thank you!

“The king was relaxed and healed quickly.

  There is such an old lady. She has two sons. The eldest son is dyed cloth. The second son is an umbrella seller. She worry about the two sons all day.

When it rains, she will worry about the eldest son because she can’t dry the cloth; when the weather clears up, she will worry about the second son, because the second son’s umbrella cannot be sold without rain.

The old lady was always frowning. Without a happy day, she was sickened and thin.

A philosopher told her, why not think about it the other way around?

As soon as it rains, you will be happy for your second son, because he can kill his life; as soon as it clears up, you will be happy for his eldest son, because he can dry the cloth.

Enlightened by philosophers, the old lady will be happy every day and her body will become healthy naturally.

  It seems that things have two sides, and the problem lies in how the parties treat them.

Ms. Zheng mentioned above only sees the money-losing side, but does not see the development prospects that will make money in the future. She cannot analyze things with a positive attitude. Ms. Cui’s attitude is positive.Looking at the current downturn from a perspective, she can withstand the pressure and persist to success.

  Strong people treat things without looking at the negative side, but at the positive side.

If he fell and bleed his hands, he would think: Thanks to the broken bone; if he had a leg accident in a car accident, he would think: There will be blessings if you do not die.

The strong man is full of hope as a new life of a new life, although there are many troubles waiting for him on this day; the strong man cherishes every day as the last day of life.

  ”It’s more important than anything to believe in the face of adversity or breakthroughs in life,” said Robin, an American potentialist.

“This is because positive and negative beliefs directly affect the success or failure of entrepreneurs.

  American Success Scholar Napoleon?

Hill said something about the meaning of mindset: “There is only a small difference between people, but this small difference has made a huge difference!

A small difference is whether the mindset is positive or negative, and a huge difference is success and failure.

“Yes, the mentality of a person in the face of failure often determines his life’s fate.

  A positive attitude helps people overcome difficulties, makes people see hope, and maintains a vigorous and aggressive spirit.

Negative mentality hurts, disappoints, is full of disappointment in life and life, closes himself, limits and kills his potential.

  A positive mindset creates life, and a negative mindset consumes life.

A positive attitude is the starting point of success. It is the sunlight and rain of life, making people’s hearts become a soaring eagle.

Negative mentality is the source of failure, a chronic killer of life, and makes people subject to some kind of shadow of self-setting.Choosing a positive mindset is tantamount to choosing the hope of success; choosing a negative mindset is doomed to leave the swamp of failure.

If you want to succeed and turn your dreams into reality, you have to give up the potential of this twist to kill you and destroy the negative mentality you want.

  Professor Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania has done a thorough study of human negative mentality, and he pointed out that a particular model of mentality can cause people’s sense of weakness and ultimately ruin their lives.

They are: (1) Forever.

That is, a monster that has short-term difficulties forever and never lingers. This is to extend the difficulties infinitely in time, so that you can’t extricate yourself from the negative mentality.

  (2) Everywhere.

That is to say, because of failure in one area, it is believed that failure in other areas will also fail.

This is to expand the difficulties infinitely in space, so that they cannot see the light in the shadow of failure.

  (3) The problem is with me.

That is to say that you are inadequate, and hit yourself blindly, so that you can not cheer up.

The “problem lies with me” here is not synonymous with the courage to take responsibility, but to blindly degrade oneself in terms of ability and expand one’s morale.

  Friend, have you ever manifested like this?

If so, get rid of the negative mentality as soon as possible.

Remember what the Germans love to say: “Even if the world is ruined tomorrow, I will plant my vine today.

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