Women are crazy on the way to work

Women are crazy on the way to work

Women are crazy on the way to work

Work: Bus / Metro Sports: crowded buses, subways are suitable for a variety of sports, you can effectively use the things on board.

  · Upper arm exercise: Grasp the horizontal handrail on the car with both hands, tighten the two elbow joints, exert force on the arm, drive your body upward, but keep your feet away from the ground.

  · Calf exercise: Hold your hands on the armrest or a place to lean on, lift your heels, and tighten your calves and thighs.

  · Side exercise: When sitting in the seat, put your arms against the front of the chair, straighten your back, and force your back.

  · Exercise on the top: lean on the outside arm of the seat to support the lower back of the chair, with both shoulders and scapulas abducted, straighten your chest.

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  Ways to Work: Driving / Taxiing Sports: In response to the characteristics of car owners, the coach has designed a set of simple exercise methods. In a limited time, you can also get better exercises.

  Confrontation: Slightly tilt your head forward, put your hands across the back of your head and force forward, while pointing backwards.

  · Tips: It is better to do a relaxing movement of head up after each action.

  · Abdominal exercise: Hold the steering wheel with both hands, straighten your upper body, and relax your head naturally. Inhale first, then slowly exhale and press all the strength to the abdomen for about one minute.

  Ways to Work: Walking Exercise: Walking itself is a form of exercise. If you can deliberately strengthen it, the effect is also good.

  · Glute great muscle exercise: When walking, you can consciously focus on the hind legs, force the hind legs, tighten the thighs backwards, and raise the great muscles of the hips.

  · Recommendations: Commuting is also a great time to get fit and lose weight. There are two commute times a day. It is too wasteful to use it to get fit.

  ”Walking and sculpting” don’t care if anyone looks at it, it doesn’t matter. If you practice properly and walk well, someone naturally notices you.

Shake hands and walk thin waist and hips.

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