[Can Babao porridge be eaten during lactation?

[Can Babao porridge be eaten during lactation?

what should I be careful of?

]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

[Can Babao porridge be eaten during lactation?
what should I be careful of?
]_ Lactation period _ can you eat

In the end, people ‘s living standards have greatly improved, and some foods that can only be eaten during festivals have gradually become regulars at people’s tables.

For example, Babao Porridge is a kind of food that can only be enjoyed at festivals. Nowadays, people can easily eat it if they want to eat it.

But there are many contraindications to diet for breastfeeding women. So, can I eat Babao porridge during breastfeeding?

what should I be careful of?
You can drink Babao porridge during lactation, because Babao porridge contains many grains and coarse grains.

The ingredients and preparation of Babao Porridge are very simple. The finished product has bright color, soft and sweet, seductive fragrance, smooth but not greasy, iron, blood, nourishing, soothe the nerves. When eating, you can add sugar and milk according to taste.

Breast milk is the most ideal food for infant growth and digestion. Reasonable nutrition of the mother is directly related to the health of both the mother and the baby. Nutrients can be supplemented to ensure the quality and quantity of milk.

The mother’s nutritional supplement should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Thermal energy: The thermal energy requirement of nursing mothers is about 25% higher than that of normal women, and women should increase by 800k on the basis of breastfeeding.

If malnutrition can directly reduce lactation.

2. Protein: Insufficient supply of protein in the milk mother’s supplement will affect the amount of lactation, leaving the mother in a state of negative nitrogen balance.

The lactating mother should add 25g of protein daily based on the normal protein supplement.

3. Lipids: Lipids are related to infant brain development, especially category lipids are particularly important for central nervous system development.

Essential fatty acids have the effect of increasing milk secretion, so mothers should eat more vegetable oils with a lot of essential fatty acids in the human body.

Precautions during lactation: Do not eat irritating food during lactation, because eating irritating food during lactation will enter the baby from milk and affect the baby’s health.

However, it is okay to eat small amounts of condiments such as pepper, sour vinegar, etc.

Chocolate cannot be eaten during breastfeeding because the theobromine contained in chocolate penetrates into breast milk and accumulates in the baby’s manifestation.

Theobromine can harm the nervous system and heart, cause muscle relaxation, increase urine output, make infants indigested, and sleep unstable.

Maternal eating more chocolate will affect appetite and gain weight.

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