Gift-giving tips for my wife!

Gift-giving tips for my wife!

Gift-giving tips for my wife!

Giving a wife a gift is not a top priority, but it should never be taken lightly.

You ca n’t run out of money, smile at Bo Huarong, or even play karate.

After summing up the gift-giving experience for several years, the techniques and reasons are roughly as follows: 1.Before getting ready to give a gift, you should ask your wife for your warmth, and it will become a gift, often remembered in your heart, and often talk about your lips.

The reason is to show the love and care of the manly husband inside, and to show to the outside that your family also has a “savage girlfriend” like a wife, at least it shows that you can have a sense of family and responsibility.

  2.My wife grinds hard and sniffs firmly.

Otherwise, it will cause you to be “too soft” and mark your lack of personality. Before the wife opens her mouth or forgets, give her a long-cherished item.

In this way, you will earn several times more than the usual lingering and kiss.

  3.Rush to buy his wife’s personal items in the family plan, and use the gift-giving procedure to pretend to be a gift.

At the same time, we must start from the bit, cultivate her clothes to stretch out her hands, sit and enjoy the success and the lazy habit of treating money as useless, in order to obliterate her will to go shopping and spend money.

You won’t lose money until you correct the economic power of the family within six months.

  4.Give your wife a gift by himself, to highlight the quality and low price, and to make a difference.

Although wholesale markets and stalls are the best choices, they should not be mediocre and boring.

The key to the skill is that you should be as good as possible, and try to make her things replace most of the family’s territory.

Once your wife moves to add new valuables, you have an excuse to suffocate her, and more reasons to criticize her.

So the idea and impulse to spend her money means killing in the bud.

  5.From time to time, give her wife a small piece of “four or two pounds” such as a kun bag, clothing, earrings, etc., so that she has a variety of accessories, to remind the men around her.

But she has a husband who sticks to the body and is brave and chivalrous, who can give her everything for her.

The result, of course, was to break their indiscretions.

In addition, during the exchange of the bag, you can spy on your wife ‘s belongings without knowing it. Of course, the purpose can only be to understand her hobbies. According to her scope of activities, she can think and further invest in what she likes.Preparation for action.

  6.Usually in the office offices and handbags often prepare some things the wife loves.

When you come home late for abnormal reasons, roses and baubles are the best fencing props.

The stories of carefully selected gifts are often grandiose, and usually they can successfully plug his wife’s mouth.

  7.Fighting protracted warfare and psychological warfare have always been classic techniques for gift-giving to his wife. What he pays attention to is “three days of fishing and two days of drying the net.”

There must be both pragmatic items and tender love letters.

Otherwise, he will not be attacked by his wife as a prodigal son, and he will also be murmured as vulgar.

  8.Giving a wife a gift is not a meat bun or a dog. This is the most wonderful circuitous tactic.

Gifts and exchanges, when his wife is happy, he will naturally have more smiles and filial piety to the elderly.

Maybe we can get generous gifts.

  9.After giving a gift, don’t forget the appropriate upward floating gift price.

The reason is too simple!

This not only satisfies his wife’s vanity mentality of “not seeking the best but seeking the most expensive”, and is also conducive to “open source and reduce expenditures”, and supplements his own increasingly dry little vault.

  10.Giving a wife a gift is no real skill, no reason is the best reason.

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